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Community Nursing

What we do

The Children at Home Nursing Team provides holistic and specialist nursing care to children who have a continuing nursing need or are technology dependent.

We teach and support children, families and carers to optimise acute and chronic health conditions, help plan hospital discharges and undertake investigations, reducing the need for attendance at hospital.

Nurses work within the hospital and visit patients at home. We provide a link between primary care (such as GP and health centres), secondary care (the Royal Alex) and tertiary care (such as the Evelina Hospital) for children or young people with complex conditions.

Children are discharged from the service when they have no further nursing needs, their care is being managed within a community provision, their health education needs are complete, or they have transitioned in to adult services.

We also have a specialist service for diabetes and a 24-hour on-call service for children at the end of life. The Acute Children’s Outreach Nursing Service cares for children who are acutely ill.


Level 5C, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital


Telephone: 01273 523125, 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

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