Outpatient appointments

Arranging your child's outpatient appointment

If your child has been referred for an outpatient appointment with us, we will be in contact you with to arrange the date and time for the appointment. We will contact you by phone as well as in writing so that you have written confirmation of appointments with us through the post.

To arrange a referral to one of our specialists, your child’s doctor or another health professional such as an optometrist or dentist, you will need to write a referral letter giving brief details of your child’s condition and send it to the Outpatient Appointments department at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

The Outpatient Appointments team will contact you by phone to arrange and agree an appointment date and time. If we haven't been able to talk to you on two separate occasions on two different days, we'll send you an appointment date and time to avoid any further delays in your child being seen by one of our doctors.

Alternatively, if your GP feels that your child needs to be seen by one of our doctors, they can use the NHS e-referral service to make an appointment whilst you are with them in the surgery. This means you can make an appointment immediately for a convenient date and time, rather than wait to receive a telephone call from us. Your appointment will then be confirmed in writing.

How to find us

Most patients first visit us as an outpatient. Your child's appointment letter explains where to go for their appointment and how to get there. The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital is based on the same site as the Royal Sussex County Hospital on Eastern Road, Brighton. Please also see our Getting Here page for further information.

Cancelling and rearranging your child's appointment

Please keep to the set appointment times whenever possible but if you can't make your child’s outpatient appointment then please contact us as soon as you can on the contact details below.


If you have any queries about your appointment please contact the Paediatric Outpatient Booking team on 01273 696955 ext 63990.