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What we do

We treats babies, children and young people with severe ongoing illnesses or complex clinical conditions. Medicine, also known as the acute service, is supported by an on-call team led by a consultant. All non-trauma emergency cases are triaged and assessed in Children’s Accident & Emergency by a member of the children’s hospital team.

We also provide general medical care for our young outpatients and run specialist paediatric clinics in:

  • Epilepsy
  • Gastroenterology
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrinology
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Respiratory medicine and allergy
  • Oncology (cancer).

Multi-disciplinary teams led by consultants work in child gastroenterology and nutrition, shared care oncology and respiratory medicine and diabetes.

In addition, regular joint clinics are held with visiting London hospital specialists in cardiology, immunology, hepatology, endocrinology, late effects oncology, epilepsy, neurology, PKU and renal medicine.

Our specialist services include GI endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and Day Case chemotherapy, including intrathecal chemotherapy.

Specialist services

C1 Esterase Deficiency Clinics

There are twice yearly joint clinics with a visiting consultant from Great Ormond Street Hospital. Additional follow-up is provided at the Alex.

Cancer Treatment Services

We are the first unit in the region to establish a level 3 paediatric shared care oncology service (POSCU) for child cancer patients. The shared care team includes three chemotherapy trained nurses, a specialist oncology nurse, a Clic-Sargeant funded social worker and community clinical nurse, and a dedicated pharmacist. An arts psychotherapist, play specialist, physiotherapist and dietician can provide further support. There are usually between 20 and 30 children on active treatment within our NHS Trust catchment area. In addition to inpatient and outpatient care, day case chemotherapy, including intrathecal chemotherapy, can be delivered locally. Locally based care is supported by the paediatric surgical team, who carry out intravenous central venous line insertion, gastrostomy tube insertions and removals. There are three late effect clinics each year with specialists from Great Ormond Street hospital. We also have six monthly shared care clinics with a specialist from the Royal Marsden Hospital.

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The paediatric diabetes team provide multi-disciplinary care for more than 200 children up to the age of 18 years. The team is led by a consultant and supported by specialist nurses and a dietician. The condition of all patients is reviewed every three months, and additional contact is made by the specialist nurse in between as needed. There are annual home visits, and school and nursery visits for newly diagnosed patients. We run a continuous glucose monitoring system for evaluating children with highly variable sugar profiles and we have an insulin pump service. We have also set up a diabetes database to help us deliver a comprehensive care package.


Children with endocrine problems are usually referred to the hospital from GPs, community nurses doing growth monitoring, and paediatric consultants who are already seeing the patients for other conditions. Children are assessed, with day case dynamic endocrine tests carried out at the hospital.


There are weekly epilepsy clinic for outpatients. Ongoing care is also provided by clinics for fits, faints, and funny turns, some of which may be epileptic. About 140 children require ongoing care from the epilepsy service. Most are on drug treatment. Other children are referred with various non-epileptic conditions. We have a clinical nurse specialist. A paediatric epileptologist from Kings and Evelina Hospitals hold a clinic five times a year, providing access to specialist services such as EEG and surgery. There is also a supportive EEG service at Hurstwood Park Neurosciences Centre in Haywards Heath. This provides elective and emergency MRI scanning.

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Gastroenterology and Nutrition Services

This is a comprehensive multidisciplinary service that has responded and adapted to local needs. Services include medical endoscopy, one stop coeliac specialist clinics, joint hepatology clinics and a multidisciplinary nutrition team for inpatient and ambulatory care. We have two clinical nurse specialists.


There are joint clinics with a visiting consultant from Great Ormond Street every three months for children requiring specialist investigation and treatment because of their susceptibility to, or inability to, handle infection.

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There are twice yearly joint clinics with visiting consultant from the Evelina Children’s Hospital and specialist dieticians.

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Respiratory and Allergy Services

The respiratory and allergy service is led by a consultant paediatrician and a team of dedicated nurse specialists. The unit provides inpatient care to children with acute and complex respiratory problems, and a consulting service for respiratory problems in general paediatric, neonatal and surgical patient. It also offers the following specialist outpatient services:

  • Allergy – In response to growing clinical need, a one-stop allergy clinic offers clinical advice, in association with allergy testing and food challenge where appropriate.
  • Asthma – Two consultant led respiratory clinics a week provide a diagnostic and management advice service for children with asthma and related respiratory conditions. The unit is one of the first in the county to develop a nurse led asthma clinic.
  • Broncho-pulmonary dysplasia – A multidisciplinary clinic provides medical, nursing, speech therapy and dietician input to the treatment of infants with oxygen dependent chronic lung disease, to support the Trevor Mann Baby Unit.
  • Cystic Fibrosis – A service combining medical, specialist nurse, dietician and physiotherapy input. Twice yearly shared care clinics are held with the King’s College Hospital regional CF centre.
  • Non-invasive ventilation – Care and support is provided for the growing number of children who require respiratory support at home. A bronchoscopy service receives referrals from across Sussex.

Infectious Diseases & HIV

We have regular clinics for children with unusual or complex infections.


We have regular cardiology clinics run by our consultant paediatrician with expertise in cardiology. We also have regular joint clinics with a consultant paediatric cardiologist from Evelina London, with whom we work as a District Children’s Cardiology Centre.


We have regular clinics led by a consultant rheumatologist with an interest in paediatric rheumatology and a consultant paediatrician with an interest in rheumatology.


Level 6c, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton


  • Telephone: 01273 696955 ext 62341

Consultant Paediatricians include:

  • Prof Somnath Mukhopadhyay
  • Dr Paul Seddon
  • Dr Philippa Hildick-Smith
  • Dr Anne Davidson
  • Dr Assad Butt
  • Dr Shankar Kanumakala
  • Dr Catherine Wynne
  • Dr Nikil Sudarsan
  • Dr Michael Hii
  • Dr Sharmila Jeyasinghe
  • Dr Haitham Abul-Eis
  • Dr Akshat Kapur
  • Dr Krishne Chetty
  • Dr Dunia Ismail
  • Dr P Venugopalan
  • Dr Katy Fidler

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