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What we do

Following assessment and treatment in the children’s emergency department, your child may be referred to the ACORNS (Acute Children's Outreach Nursing Team) team by one of the children’s doctors or advanced nurse practitioners, so that their progress can be may be monitored at home.

The team comprises experienced registered children’s nurses, who will provide assessment and support for your child during this acute period of illness both over the telephone and in your own home, if required. This is based upon both the concerns of the nurse and yourself. It is not an emergency service.

What to expect

This service will be provided for approximately 24-48 hours after leaving the children’s emergency department and once your child is getting better they will be discharged into the care of their GP.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the advice given by the ACORNS nurses so that you are able to identify signs that may indicate a deterioration in your child’s illness. Ensuring you are aware of when it is appropriate to call either the ACORNS team, 111 or re-attend the children’s emergency department.

If your child’s illness worsens or you are worried then:

  • In an emergency dial 999
  • Call the ACORNS team on weekdays from 8am-8pm or weekends from 8am-6pm
  • Out of hours call the NHS 111 helpline.


Children’s Emergency Department, Level 6, Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital (the Alex)


01273 696955 ext. 62430

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