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What we do

We treat bone and joint problems in children with consultants who specialise in paediatric orthopaedics.

We also assist in the accident and emergency department with the management of children with orthopaedic emergencies, including fractures and infections.

The service is supported by dedicated paediatric physiotherapy and X-ray departments.

We also run the virtual fracture clinic for children reducing the need for children to attend outpatient appointments following on from a fracture.

What to expect whilst under our care

All elective outpatient, day case and inpatient surgery for children and young people is undertaken at the Alex by our dedicated team.

Our fracture clinics are one of the hospital’s busiest treating up to 5,000 children a year. The launch of the Virtual Fracture Clinic has allowed for more time for the teams to see patients who do need a face to face appointment.

Take a look at our videos below for more information on our fracture clinic services:


  • Outpatients – level 5c
  • Day case admissions – level 7
  • Inpatient admissions – level 8c


  • Telephone: 01273 696955

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