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What we do

The Children & Young Persons’ Diabetes Team cares for children and young people who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes from diagnosis up to the age of 19 years old.

We have three consultant led clinics each week and one nurse and dietician led clinic per week. Our clinics take place at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton and also at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

From diagnosis we support our families on the ward and at home we support them by telephone and home visits reviewing blood glucose levels and data. We help our families with pip and dla applications and we provide training for all aspects of diabetes management including insulin regimes and pump therapy as well as continuous glucose monitoring systems and flash glucose monitoring systems.

We also provide training sessions for schools and nurseries enabling them to be able to care for our children with diabetes whilst they are in school. We assist schools with preparing for residential trips and for when children with diabetes attend after school activities.

We are able to provide psychology support and dietetic support to our families in respect of diabetes, and we are able to support safeguarding cases.

We work closely with our Adults Diabetes teams and when our teenage patients are 18-19 years old, we are able to transition them to the appropriate Adults Diabetes Service in a gradual process to ensure that they feel connected and supported with their new team.

Preparing for your appointment

In preparation for your Multi-Disciplinary Diabetes clinic appointment with your Consultant Nurse and Dietician please download the data from your meter/pump/Dexcom or Freestyle Libre download meters to Diasend the night before your appointment. At your clinic a nurse will take your height and weight and test your HbA1c before you see your Diabetes team in clinic.

What to expect while under our care

You will be invited to attend four quarterly paediatric diabetes consultant led clinics per year and there will also be a nurse and dietician led annual review clinic which you will be invited to attend. We have a dedicated psychologist who is able to provide diabetes related psychological support and we have dietitians who are able to provide dietetic support in respect of your child’s diabetes.

We have an Out of Hours Service for emergency concerns which is supported by the ward on Level 9 in the Alex. We provide social nd education events for families of children that have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, and we also provide joint transition events with the Adults diabetes teams for older teenagers.


The diabetes nursing team is located on level 4 of the Alex.

We hold clinics in the Outpatients Department of the Alex and in the Outpatients Paediatric Suite at Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.


Telephone: 01273 523140


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