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Working from home

This is how “working from home” for (one of) the Information Governance Team has ended up looking like – helping keep other people safe

What I have learned...

Colleagues and team working - I have learned to look out for each other during these unprecedented times.

What has this year done to me?

When lockdown started all the coordinators were told to work from home, I was asked but I felt my time as the assistant was much better needed in the offices and looking after the day to day stuff. 

We see you, you matter...

As a non-clinical employee it was a real honour to witness first-hand the dedication of our medical staff.

We have all developed courage that we probably didn't realise we had...

Deborah, Clinical Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist at St Richard’s hospital, shares her reflections of supporting colleagues in Covid-19 intensive care.  

Walking in our shoes

As a Covid-19 victim that witnessed agonising deaths and grieving families and friends at work due to pandemic restrictions, I deeply realised that no one can understand how you truly feel until they get in your shoes and experience it the way you did....
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