What has this year done to me?

Submitted by Sara
Multidisciplinary Meeting Coordinator

When lockdown started, all the coordinators were told to work from home. I was asked but I felt my time as the assistant was much better needed in the offices and looking after the day to day, like making sure we had milk for our oncologist’s much needed cups of tea and coffee!

Then in July, I was joined by another two members of staff and happily enjoying office life before the second wave kicked in, which meant we could only have two people in the office at one time.

What has this year done to me? I know what my faults are, worked with that, kept my strength going and not given up. I’ve helped anybody who had wanted it in the department. I’ve respected other members of staff who were upset or stressed. Those of us in offices were like our own little family, keeping each other going when we were feeling down.

I feel proud to be a an NHS admin worker.

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