Patient transport and travel costs

Ambulance transport

The non-emergency patient transport service is only available for patients who are unable (for medical reasons) to use private or public transport services for their journey to and/or from our hospitals.

A clinical need for treatment does not necessarily imply a medical need for transport.

Individuals without a medical need for transport should take responsibility for organising their own transport.

For patient transport queries please contact South Central Ambulance Service on 0300 123 9841.


Who can assess patients?

A qualified health care professional must assess a patient’s medical need for transport before it is booked for each journey – this can be a doctor, nurse, midwife or senior therapist working in the NHS.

All PTS bookings will then be screened by the Transport Bureau for eligibility before the booking is accepted.

Bluebird patient transport

This community partnership provides you with door-to-door independence if you have restricted mobility.

If you need to visit either the Princess Royal Hospital or Royal Sussex County Hospital sites please call 01444 471919 (Mon-Fri from 9.30-11.30am). For an urgent request, please call 07711 034519 (Mon-Fri from 8.30am – 5pm).

For more information email