GPs and referrers

The information below is intended for GPs and referring clinicians only.

Switchboard bypass numbers for GPs

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Assessment, advice and treatment

NHS e-Referral Service

We ask for referrals to be sent via the NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose and Book) where possible.

Paper referrals

If it is not possible to use the NHS e-Referral Service, referrals should be sent to the below address.

We will upload them to our internal electronic referral management system to ensure they are processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Address for paper referrals

Referral Management Team, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Outpatients Department, Eastern Road, Brighton, BN2 5BE

Information to include

Referral letters must include:

  • Patient name, address, post code, date of birth, NHS number, local patient identifier
  • Patient contact number and/or email address
  • GP name, medical practice code, organisation name and code, professional name
  • The service to which the patient is being referred
  • For inter provider transfers, also include the Referral to Treatment (RTT) status, clock start date, decision to refer date, referral reason

Advice and guidance

It is possible to request advice and guidance if you’re uncertain whether a patient should be referred or you’re unsure of the most appropriate service. Requests should be made via the NHS e-Referral service where possible and otherwise via the NHS Mail addresses found under non-urgent advice and guidance.

Further information

Our patient access policy outlines how we administer our elective services.

Acutely ill medical patients

Royal Sussex County Hospital

  • Contact the Professional Support Line on 0300 1303045.
    • Patients under 80: this will lead to a conference call with the duty acute medical consultant to determine whether admission is required.
    • Patients 80 and over: this will lead to a conference call with a member of the care of the elderly team to determine whether admission is required.
  • Chest pain-presumed acute coronary syndrome (ACS) should be referred directly to A&E. Non-ACS patients with new onset exertional angina should be referred to the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic.
  • All other patients requiring A&E review must be discussed with the duty A&E consultant via the bypass numbers above.

Princess Royal Hospital

Call PRH switchboard on 01444 448707 and ask for the medical doctor on call.

Acutely ill surgical patients (RSCH only)

Contact the duty surgical registrar or SHO via the switchboard on 01273 523230.

All other non-medical patients

Contact the RSCH switchboard on 01273 523230, who will put you through to the relevant specialist team.

All clinical teams have senior on-call staff available for telephone advice to referring clinicians. Contact them via the switchboard bypass numbers above.

Neurosurgery: urgent advice is available through This is a secure cloud-based platform which will ensure a swift response from the on call registrar in a written format for inclusion in the patient’s notes.

New patients

Non-urgent specialist consultant advice and guidance (A&G) is available for GPs considering referring patients to BSUH, but who require advice before doing so.

Specialties provide non-urgent A&G for GPs using the NHS e-Referral System, or by e-mail directly to

Services will endeavour to respond to queries within 2 working days where possible. Responses will be sent to the referrer via the NHS e-Referral System or by reply e-mail via

A&G requests will be answered by the appropriate consultant with guidance provided to the referring GP. It is the responsibility of the referring GP to feedback the findings of the A&G request to the patient.

In some cases the consultant may identify a clinical need for the patient to be referred for a first outpatient appointment. Upon the advice of the consultant, it is the responsibility of the GP to refer the patient for an outpatient appointment.


Advice and Guidance should not be used if the patient is already under the care of a consultant (please see alternative list or speak to the medical secretary via switchboard).

Advice & Guidance is not currently available for Paediatric Specialties, but this is under review. In the meantime, if GPs do need to discuss an outpatient referral please speak to the ‘Consultant of the Week’ on 01273 696955 bleep 8638.

To discuss urgent referrals to Children’s Emergency Department, please speak to the ‘Children’s ED consultant’ on 01273 696955 bleep 8641.

Advice and Guidance is not currently available for T&O.

Patients under our ongoing care

You can contact some specialties via email for non-urgent advice about patients already known to them. You should expect a response within three working days.

Please include clear patient details, including hospital number, and enough clinical information to avoid subsequent delay. Emails must be sent from an address if containing patient identifiable information.

Specialties offering non-urgent email advice: