Nursing and midwifery training and education

We are committed to supporting our staff to deliver the highest standards of care for our patients.

This involves:

  • Delivering and sourcing education and training for non-medical clinical staff in order to ensure safe patient care
  • Developing educational career pathways that support changing workforce needs
  • Promoting excellence in pre-registration education across all professions
  • Building additional skills for research, innovation and leadership
  • Ensuring responsive education to meet specific clinical priorities
  • Working with partners to embed and sustain educational solutions to service improvement

All of our non-medical clinical staff have the chance to benefit from:

  • Opportunities to apply for education funding
  • Careers advice, clinical skills teaching and clinical supervision
  • Study days
  • Care makers network
  • Older people and dignity champions network
  • Action learning sets, after action reviews and 360 degree feedback
  • Inter-professional Trust-wide working

In addition, we offer the following role-specific opportunities: