Smiling eyes and full hearts

I have really treasured working as part of the admin team for the Vaccination Hub at St Richards.  Because of cancelled meetings and altered priorities, I was able to offer half of my substantive hours to the hub.

I found it really rewarding to be part of something that would help bring us out of the pandemic and to offer hope and reassurance to those living in fear.  Everyone was so grateful to be receiving their vaccinations.  For some it was the first time they had been amongst other people for a year and found the experience emotional and unnerving.

I remember booking one lady in for her 2nd appointment, a work colleague of hers was booking in at a neighbouring desk and there was some banter between us all as they fought to see who could get the appointment first.  The room was buzzing with chatter and everyone’s spirits were high as the sense of relief for some was palpable.

The next lady I booked in was watery eyed as she explained it was the first time she had heard laughter for a year and said that under her mask she was beaming and her heart was full.  Isn’t it funny how you can see people’s smiles without seeing their mouths?!  The team have been fantastic to work with as well; always happy, hard-working, welcoming, supportive, fun and flexible.  The camaraderie has been very special, I’ve met some wonderful people and we’re all looking forward to a social night out when we can.

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