A prayer for the NHS and all keyworkers by Gemma-Kirstie

A poem

Green, grey, yellow, teal, white and blue,

PPE in ever-changing hue,

Colours mashed together all as one,

Our work to care in never done.


Colleagues there when we need a boulder,

To help share the burden on our shoulder,

Barely recognising each other through the PPE,

Always there in patients time of need.


Staying strong throughout our work,

From porters, nurses, housekeepers and the ward clerk,

Helping one another day by day,

Even through all the uncertain disarray.


Now we have come through the pandemic,

Learned so much from scientists and academics,

Striving through our professions,

We have learned so many lessons.

A Prayer


I ask you to take care of all those who are unwell with Covid-19. Be with them and give them strength to fight the virus. I ask you to watch over every one of them and help them recover with the will only you have.

I offer my prayer to everyone who has lost someone to Covid-19 on this one year anniversary. Prayers for those left behind that they may find comfort and light to help them through a difficult time. Lord, give prayers to all NHS and care workers looking after those with Covid-19. Be with the country as we hot a big milestone. Be with those who have beaten Covid-19 and survived this terrible virus. I pray that we come out of this pandemic soon.

Lord, shine your light of hope and peace and a light to help those in dark times struggling with grief.

Lord, give comfort and your holy spirit and shine a light to let them know you are there. I light a candle each week at mass.




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  1. Proud of you J. My amazing twin sister!

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