Submitted by Chris
Patient First Senior Practitioner

In the grand scheme of things I had a somewhat small role to play throughout this pandemic, helping design the workforce hub to aid with deployment of doctors / nurses / AHP’s etc was my main contribution.

But it isn’t here or any of the work I did or did not do that my reflection is based on it’s the enormous amount of pride I felt being part of an organisation that was shown such focus and given such priority every single day. The message was clear from our leaders of the country and NHS was that we need to ensure that we the NHS are not overwhelmed with patients, we have enough support to do the thing we are best at which is save lives.


Every Thursday evening I witnessed people coming out and clapping my colleagues and I could feel the pride bursting out. Im part of this I felt. Im part of this amazing organisation with all these amazing people. Supermarkets gave us priority shopping slots. Again proud of them for thinking of us in these testing times.


I was never on the frontline feeling the emotion, the stress, the pain, the joy that those amazing colleagues of mine did all of the time but I was proud.


Proud of the NHS

Proud of the job

Proud of my colleagues

Proud just to be part of it all.

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