I’m sorry I didn’t get you that pillow

Submitted by Louisa

I’m sorry I didn’t get you that pillow
I know you’re not one to complain
lying proned on your front is great for your chest, but it’s becoming a bit of a pain

And I know it’s “just for comfort”
Because you always have three back at home
And you’ve been here for two days, and you’re still feeling bad, and you’re starting to feel all alone

Everyone that’s here wants to help you
But we know it’s not quite the same
As someone that strokes your hair, and holds your hand, and knows you by more than your name

I really wish I could be all you need,
But I’m afraid there’s just not the time,
Peoples SATS are low, and meds are due, and the ambulances are forming long lines

I’m still feeling so new in my role
My shift starts to feel like a race
Another patient still feels like their drowning, with a 15 litre mask tight on their face.

And my own mask is tight and itchy
And my visor keeps steaming up
And through my gown and my gloves there isn’t much I can do when all you want is some human touch

And when I get to lay on my pillow
Once I’m home and my shift is through
I lay and think of my day, with a pang in my chest, because I forgot to go find one for you.

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