Services to Humanity

Submitted by Katie Eaves

Masks on

Breathe in


Everything seems slow

Can’t properly hear,

Words muffled,

Need to speak loud, clear

Gloves, gown, tied up right

Visor covers face,

Vision reflecting the light

Feeling the heat,


Entering another dimension

Sight, sound distorted

A strange kind of zen

The world beyond

Seeming forgotten

Far away

Caring for those

In the red area zone

Stranded from all

No friends or family

All visitors banned

Some so sick

Every breath exhausts them

Unable to eat or speak

Just battling the disease

Others ventilated

Lying prone

Face down

Sedated, asleep

Critically unwell

Some never make it

The heart break for family

So tragic, so devastating

No words

Just raw pain

Losing a loved one

A father, mother,


Sister, brother

Sometimes a daughter or son

Families calling

Via iPads and phones

Desperate To see them,

Hug them

Last moments together

Calling out for them to live

Weeping from a glass screen.

A voice I can hear

‘Don’t leave me, I love you’

The nurses by their side

Doing their best to keep them alive

With high tech machines,

Lines, wires and drugs galore

And behind the masks


The purest of medicines

With wisdom, care

Professionalism, skill

Eyes that reassure

A hand held


This all we will never forget

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