Memories of strength, courage, bravery and determination…

Submitted by Alex
Maternity Care Assistant

I started working at Worthing Hospital at the beginning of March 2020. Covid hadn’t impacted us at that stage.

I went to my induction at St Richard’s in Chichester and completed my training. Within two weeks of starting, we were wearing masks for 12.5 hours a day and had restricting visiting times to name a few changes.

Everyone I have worked with have been amazing and I have seen team spirit increase within all the teams. We have all had to work with the adverse conditions and we have all come together.

I have also seen such strength from the women we are caring for. They have had babies in such scary times and in scary situations with not being able to have partners all the time there here and they have all coped with such bravery and strength.

It’s amazing how women can have a baby and also deal with having limited visitors and visiting times. All of the babies that have been born during this pandemic will have such a story to tell when they are older. We all will have memories of this time and I for one will have memories of strength, courage, bravery and determination.

I have always wanted to work for the NHS it has been a goal of mine since I left school. Unfortunately, it took until the age of 32 to accomplish that, but I have never been prouder to work for such an incredible organisation.

I really hope these hard times have made people even more aware of how incredibly hard the staff work and how we all value our NHS.

I am thankful for every single person that works or volunteers for our NHS up and down the country.

We are all amazing!


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