For us in ultrasound, we never stopped…

Submitted by Rebecca
Superintendent Sonographer, Worthing

Twelve months ago we were afraid. We were thinking on our feet and attempting to cope with change at every second! We were helpless and unfamiliar.

For us in ultrasound, we never stopped. Obstetrics services kept going and we maintained Radiology urgent clinics and covered weekend shifts for Radiologists: limiting their exposure and releasing them for reporting.

PPE was new – we were so anxious ‘were we doing it right?’ Our services were moving around different locations. We were here, there, and everywhere.

Day by day, we kept up with a changing service with high diagnostic quality. We found joy in the small things – appreciation, knowing we are not alone, support from colleagues, and from within our own Ultrasound team.

We came under extreme pressure from Maternity advocacy groups to allow partners back into scans (this had been stopped – to ensure patient safety). In the end, we negotiated a compromise. 

And now, we are still here…we are still scanning and we are still providing a wonderful diagnostic service.

Taking time to talk to people – scanning people and giving reassurance and/or urgent referrals sometimes in really uncertain times.

We are proud to work here. It’s been difficult and people are tired but as a team we have pulled together and become stronger.

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