Finding love during the pandemic…

Submitted by Heather
Administrator Voluntary Services

In a challenging year full of pandemic lows, my Covid story reflects a positive high point for a couple whose paths would not have crossed in normal times.

The story starts in June 2020 at the height of the pandemic when the Project Wingman Lounge landed at St Richard’s Hospital and the furloughed BA and Easyjet crew flew in to create a calm and welcoming retreat for Hospital staff.

Alongside Project Wingman organisers, St Richard’s Voluntary Services helped welcome and prepare the Volunteer Wingmen and women to start their volunteering at St Richard’s. The team had the pleasure of meeting many selfless individuals who wanted to step up to support the NHS during the pandemic.

It was around this time that my work colleague and friend first met an Easyjet Pilot and senior First Officer, who offered her a cup of tea (telling her “I hope this isn’t the worst cup of tea you’ve ever had!”), along with a piece of his homemade ‘signature’ “Rocky Road” cake, which has since become a firm favourite in the Lounge.

In between the busy sessions in the Wingman Lounge and the daily operations in the volunteering office, the pair slowly got to know each other and their friendship began to flourish.

A few months, and many, many slices of cake later, the couple decided, after realising they had many shared interests; which included, hiking, cycling, travelling and a shared love of cooking, to meet up outside of work.

At the end of October 2020, they enjoyed their first date at a local country pub. Despite the pandemic restrictions, two lockdowns and a spell of self-isolation, they have recently celebrated six months together, at the same place where they had their first date.

The future looks promising for such a lovely couple and is an inspiring Covid Story of two people finding love during the pandemic.


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