Eyes that smile

Submitted by Wendy
Superintendent Neuroradiographer

That first encounter of the masked face and covered gown

The sparkle of a smile from the eyes that care, that says so much

Assurance of safety in a frightening world

A simple touch of gloved hand

That says “we care”

The muffled voices behind the shield coexist

With the gentle look of a carer’s warmth

The stark contrast of a diagnostic environment

To the welcoming voices of confidence

That says “we care”

The reassuring knowledge of company in a lonely mind

Communication turned upside down,

Hastening of a quickly adapted change of professionalism

Eager to comfort the individual, alien to our world

Eyes ready to envelope the heart of one so poorly

That says “we care”

A simple look, a simple touch no time consuming effort

Yet enormous in its translation

In its acceptance to the patient first

These are the eyes that smile

That say “we care”

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