Portraits of cardiac colleagues

Submitted by Anna
Cardiothoracic Surgical Care Practitioner

I was redeployed during the 1st wave of Covid 19. My mental health took a hit and I turned to my pencil case to find solace. These are portraits of colleagues who I have worked with in cardiac theatres.

Please read the descriptions of my thoughts behind each piece.

  1. A cardiothoracic surgical care practitioner just like me, Margaret held my hand and led me through our training right through to graduation. She was there with me during redeployment ready to hold my hand again. She is a strong proud determined woman, and a role model whose friendship and support I will be eternally grateful for.
  1. Dr Singh, a junior doctor who  found himself in a new hospital unable to do the job he had signed up for. Personally affected by Covid he battled on. Here he is pictured in his surgical loops eager to operate.
  1. I drew this picture for Christine who left cardiac theatres to work in the courtyard at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, where many Covid patients have been treated. I drew this to show her how much she achieved whilst she was with us. I know that any patient who meets Christine will be overwhelmed by her kindness and care.
  1. This image of Clare represents the staff whose lives have changed dramatically during this past year. Adapting, adjusting, reassessing careers. Moving on and moving forward.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my colleagues throughout this process and will continue to draw as a form of relaxation and therapy.


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