Courage and contribution of an overseas nurse

I am an overseas nurse who just arrived in the UK to work for our Trust last December. I was able to witness and experience Covid in and out of the hospital.

I was allocated in the theatre but because of Covid I was sent to the ward. During the time I was in the ward it was the peak of the wave and we had no available beds anymore. It was a very scary experience since I am not trained as a ward nurse and new to the country. I am just glad that my colleagues were supportive.

One thing I will never forget is that I caught Covid while working in the ward because one of my patients turned out to be positive. I am asthmatic and when I felt the symptoms it was horrible. I experienced sleepless nights because I could not breathe. My flatmates nearly called the ambulance but I stopped them since I knew that we did not have beds available anyway and if there is someone else worse than me they may need it.

I am just happy that I was able to serve people during this pandemic.

Imelyn Staff Nurse, Worthing

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