A year of research on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19

Submitted by Cate
Head of Research/NMAHP Clinical Academic Programme Lead & NIHR 70@70 Senior Nurse/Midwife Research Leader

Research teams across the Trust have been at the frontline of tackling the COVID pandemic. They have been involved in rapidly rolling out and supporting national highest priority Urgent Public Health studies, seeking answers to how we prevent spread of COVID, provide life saving treatment to those severely affected by COVID and developing vaccines to protect the public.

NHS services have been a world leader in the global research efforts to tackle COVID-19

The clinical research team, along with frontline clinical colleagues have:

  • Provided a seven day service, covering weekends and bank holidays (outside of usual working practices) enabling patients and staff to take part in COVID-19 studies, which have included opportunities for patients to receive new medications and treatments.
  • Offered every patient admitted with COVID-19 research opportunities and involved them in at least one clinical trial
  • Worked on site throughout the whole pandemic and on wards particularly  ITU and red ward areas supporting clinical teams to involve patients in research
  • Supported staff participants in SIREN study – looking at spread of COVID and immunity
  • Supported COVID vaccine trials to provide more vaccine options and ensure safety.
  • Worked as a team – everyone involved in supporting COVID research
  • Had to celebrate events such as research nurse Mandy McCarthay retiring after 38 years in the Trust

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