A minute’s silence…

Submitted by Deborah
Clinical Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist

Today was very poignant… Standing beside my physio colleagues in critical care, alongside nurses, doctors, pharmacists, OT’s, Ward Clerks, and our patients, we held a minute’s silence.

I reflected on how close we have been as a team, and how fortunate we were to have so many come to help.

I reflected on how I have been changed by Covid.

I reflected on those who we lost despite trying everything physically possible to change the outcomes.

I thought about their families, and prayed. This evening especially I have a heavy heart, and am thinking especially of my beautiful friend and her lovely mum.

I thought about those who lost loved ones for reasons other than Covid, and have been grieving.

I reflected with thanks, for those we managed to save, and get back to loved ones.

I felt proud of the way we adapted as teams to try to support these patients when their relatives couldn’t be holding their hands.

I reflected on how panicky I felt when I heard friends had Covid, as having seen it at its worst I was scared for them, and just wanted to ensure they were OK and safe.

I reflected on the family I haven’t seen. I saw my mum once, for three hours, since February 2020.

I reflected on my family. My kids who got used to the fact that I was hardly around at times, and just accepted it as they knew I needed to be doing my job. My husband, who finished his degree while homeschooling the kids, and put up with me coming home and sometimes just sitting down in silence, other times in tears.

In the physio department, we then held another minute silence where I looked around and felt pride for the group of people who have all worked together in this fight this year.

We will never forget this year. And Covid is still here for some. For those people we will continue to fight.

And to all who didn’t make it, may they rest in perfect peace.

For those who did make it, I give thanks, and for the amazing teams in critical care and the wards, who continue to fight this, thank you…. Together we are strong.

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