A message sent to my amazing team…

Submitted by Julie
Head of Nursing, Medicine Division

Here is an email, I sent to my team to mark the end of 2020:

Dear all,

As we enter the last day of 2020 I wanted to say a few things…

This year has been like nothing I have ever encountered in my 39 years at the Trust. I think a little virus called Covid 19 entered our lives sometime in Dec 19 and has caused us immense issues since Jan/Feb 2020.

While it has been a hugely challenging year for us all, with so many changes to patient pathways, supporting our staff teams and patients, and being physically and emotionally draining, I wanted to just say to everyone how amazing it has been to work so collaboratively with such a great team.  

I have never known such commitment to ensure patient care is maintained to as high a standard as possible, with all of you and your teams working extra hours to respond instantly to every demand and challenge thrown at you. 

To all my colleagues, you have all been amazing and just got on with it without any gripes or moans.  

I have grown to sincerely love our daily meetings (weird I know), and despite all the C19 problems the positivity and humour (to help us all cope) that comes from the meeting helps us get through the days. 

The constructive and supportive discussions for anyone with any new care issues has been so helpful in ensuring we all make the safest decisions every day. 

I cherish the thought of not wearing a mask, everyone meeting in one room and seeing people actually smile, without having to put a hand up and ensure I am not muted and looking good on camera!!

Aware we are going to be doing this for the months ahead, but just wishing you all a safe and happy new year, and look forward to our ongoing collaborative working. 

With love and great respect to you all.

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