Name the Crane: The Results

Following hundreds of suggestions and thousands of votes, the results of the RSCH Redevelopment’s ‘Name the Crane’ competition are in. Cranium got quite far ahead in the polls, Citizen Crane almost tobogganed into the lead and Gloria Craynor performed well.

The clear winners though, each with more than double the votes of any of the other options, were Buzby, Teddy and Florence. The suggestions came from Sean Warrington, who explained the reason for putting the names forward in his Facebook post:

“My son Buzby was in intensive care there [at the County Hospital] and was not expected to survive, however he pulled through and is doing amazingly thanks to the amazing staff at this hospital. We also lost our son Teddy and daughter Florence in this hospital in 2014. I would love for the 3 of them to stand tall together, so I’m saying Buzby, Teddy and Florence.”

Two of the three tower cranes from the name the crane competition are already on site and the third will be arriving early in May. Mr Warrington and his family will be invited to the site for a naming ceremony once the final crane is installed.

The largest of the cranes, nearest to the Children’s Hospital, is being named in a separate competition being held amongst the Alex’s young patients. Its result will be announced shortly.