A clear view of the new building

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of September the last crane was removed from the 3Ts Redevelopment’s Stage 1 site. Removing the other cranes from site was easier because those that remained behind did most of the lifting. To remove the final one though a 450 tonne mobile crane had to operate from Eastern Road all weekend. Mobile cranes of that size are quite imposing. (photos Jane McNevin and Paul Gillen)

Removing the crane clearly marks the end of the structural phase for Stage 1 of the redevelopment. Only minor changes will be made to the outside of the building from now on. With the cranes no longer dominating the skyline the new building seems to fit in rather well with the wider panorama of Kemptown when seen from the sea (photo: Wendy Morgan).

All the resources of the project are now focused on completing the internal fit out of the building, installing all the services that will allow it to operate as a hospital for everyone.