Eastern Road will be closed at the County Hospital this weekend: 5 / 6 Sept.

The last crane is being removed from the 3TS Redevelopment site at the Royal Sussex County Hospital this weekend. This will require Eastern Road to be closed where it passes the construction site, from 2am on the morning of Saturday 5th September to 7pm on Sunday 6th September. During the road closure all the pedestrian entrances to the hospital will remain open as will all the vehicle drop off and pick up points.

The work is being started early on Saturday morning because a 450 tonne mobile crane has to be set up on Eastern Road to lift the other crane off site. Setting up a mobile crane of this size requires a significant amount of work before it can start lifting.

During the road closure traffic traveling along Eastern Road will be diverted south onto St George’s Road to pass the hospital. It will then be directed back up onto Eastern Road. A diagram of the diversion route can be found here.

The road closure has been agreed with Brighton and Hove City Council and Brighton and Hove Buses. Emergency services are aware of the closure and will use alternate routes to reach or bypass the hospital.