3Ts Redevelopment features on ITV Meridian News

3Ts Redevelopment - aerial viewThe 3Ts Redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital featured in the 2pm and 6pm editions of ITV Meridian News on Wednesday 1 February. Filmed a year after preparation works began for the main scheme in January 2016, the piece shows both progress on site and how the project has already deliverd improvements for patients and staff.

The news item is available on the ITV Meridian site. It shows the new SPECT-CT scanner and a part of the new cancer ward, both improvements made possible by the redevelopment’s programme of service moves to make space for the building works, known as the decant programme. It also shows the Jubilee and Latilla buildings, both of which are being deconstructed to make way for the first of the Redevelopment’s new buildings.

The report mentions, quite correctly, that the entire redevelopment will be complete in 2024. Patients won’t have to wait that long to see major improvements in the hospital though as the first, and larger, of the redevelopment’s new buildings will open its doors in 2020.

To find out more about the 3Ts Redevelopment download the ‘Understanding the Redevelopment‘ booklet or get in contact with the redevelopment team.