Coming back to help…

Submitted by Andrea
Occupational Therapist

In 2018, after 32 years working in occupational therapy I decided to take some time out for myself. I never imagined that two years later I would be put back on the frontline at the Princess Royal Hospital doing the job that I love.

Any worries I had about being back at the hospital were allayed by the support of my wonderful colleagues and my many hospital friends who were still working there. With my voluntary activities stopped at the start of lockdown, it was lovely to be working and providing a ‘normal’ service to patients who had been admitted during such frightening times, when their families weren’t able to be with them.

Reassuringly, very little had changed operationally, and many years at the hospital meant things were reassuringly familiar. On the hardest days in January and February 2021, we all appreciated the small things being sent in by the public, the charity and the Heroes Lounge with the wonderful airline staff.

Working on the bank I found it hard to say no when there was work to be covered and worked many more hours than I had anticipated. I’ve now returned to the permanent register and will stay on the bank to cover any further pressures in the next few months.

Meantime my volunteering activities are restarting soon and my garden is calling!


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