Reflections of a Ward Technologist

Submitted by Katie
Ward Technologist

I joined the NHS a year before COVID-19 and even then, we shared memories and moments that will stay with us forever. However, the pandemic was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. It was scary and confusing to say the least. When the numbers increased in the first and second wave it was heart breaking to see all patients scared, lonely and without their loved ones, but excited and happy tears were flowing for those who got to go home.

I am so proud of my wards. My team members inspire me to show as much courage, bravery and empathy as they have shown all year and prior to the pandemic. There have been so many changes in policies and procedures to protect ourselves, our colleagues and the general population, which I feel we all adapted to very quickly and still are, with constant developments coming into place, we put all patients first with no questions asked.

It has been a difficult time for everyone, some more than others, with those losing loved ones, mental health at risk and socialising to a minimum, but I feel we have all stuck together to get through. Every hospital should receive an award, we are all heroes and heroines.

Although we wished it never happened, it has taught us all so much, including what to appreciate and what makes us truly happy. In memory of those lost that is what I will remember. I will live my life as best as I can, I will remember to appreciate the small things, I will take every opportunity thrown at me and I will try my best to grab on to it with both hands and not let go, I will hug those I love every day and tell them so. I will try my best to put things into perspective when I’m feeling low, I will be kind to myself and live life with a smile.

Rest in peace dear souls. It has been a time in my life I shall never forget.

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