Reflections of a Fit Tester

Submitted by Emily
Lead Fit Tester

Year 2020, a very memorable year to all of us. Many suffered loss of loved ones from the pandemic; too many people died all over the world. But I have some memories, I want to share . . .

I used to work in Critical Care Unit for more than 10 years before resigning in December 2019. If you have been on the ward for 10 years, either you want to change or you want to step up.

From January to April 2020, I was doing bank shifts and attending many job interviews.

I must admit that not all of my interviews were successful. But I saw every rejection as a redirection!

Then in May 2020, I started my first day as a PPE Safety Officer.

I initially worked with at least ten redeployed nurses, but when they went back to the normal roles, I was on my own doing all the Fit Testing.

I must admit it was really hard work, but I became more confident, competent, knowledgeable, skillful and creative.

I am so grateful that my God has been on my side wherever I have gone. He made me more resilience and full of integrity.

After several months, I became a Lead Fit Tester across the Trust.

I am using my job to empower colleagues with positivity and empowerment during their Fit testing sessions.

My purpose for sharing my story, is to tell people that there is hope in the middle of the storm.

What was meant for harm, God turned it for my advantage. “To God be all the glory”.

Indeed, God control the universe.


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