PPE was a very emotive subject…

Submitted by Allison
Head of Supplies

My team was responsible for receiving and distributing PPE. It still seems incredible how many items passed through stores at Royal Sussex County Hospitals and Princess Royal Hospital.

We even had to use the AMEX stadium concourse for PPE storage for several months. And when they decided to hold a trial football match there at the end of August we had 130 pallets to move out very quickly!

The early days of the pandemic were very challenging as obviously PPE was a very emotive subject at the time as well.

Our team worked really hard and I am so proud of them.

I also have special memories of working with my husband – he works for the Sussex Community Trust and was also responsible for their PPE.

It made a challenging year more bearable having someone at home that completely understood what was going on and we were able to work weekend shifts together.

I always wanted to cycle to work but somehow in the week it was always too much effort so when I worked weekends I always cycled in to make it a fun experience.

2020 – a year never to be forgotten.

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