Contributing to global research on COVID

Submitted by Carrie
Research Team

The Research teams across University Hospitals Sussex made a huge contribution to the global knowledge of COVID-19 during the pandemic response.

Staff at Worthing, St Richards and the Royal Sussex County Hospital ran the Recovery trial which has made a significant contribution to the overall global knowledge on the treatment and management of patients with COVID-19.

Across University Hospitals Sussex hundreds of patients participated in this trial, which has provided a vital evidence base to show efficacy (and non-efficacy) of treatments including steroid, tocilizumab, aspirin, remdesivir and many others.

The impact of this knowledge on mortality has had a global impact on how patients are managed. The research teams have worked tirelessly to provide patients across the Trust with the opportunity to have access to these treatments and to contribute to the advancement of global knowledge around this new illness. Patients were able to access trial treatments and high quality standard care.

Patients were also supported to participate in several observational studies including Genomicc, Pan-COVID, ISARIC and COVID-OR, whilst 500 staff from across the organisation participated in the Siren study. All of these vital studies have helped to learn more about COVID-19 and has generated data which has informed national and global policy.

The research team at the Royal Sussex County Hospital have also run the Ensemble-2 vaccine trial which is another vital part of the pandemic response.

I have attached some photos which we have taken over the past year.

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