Being brave

Submitted by Gladys
Staff Nurse, GUM/HIV

It was the beginning of 2020. There was a strange bug, in ‘St Elsewhere’. Initially, the news was quite fascinating but as the days went by, events were quickly taking over, in Italy, convoys carrying dead bodies, it was in UK South East, lock downs, tests, PPE, death, shortage of beds, retrain to be ready to be deployed.

Everything moved so fast.

Politics, science and finance went into a clash while death kept knocking on doors. Everything had to come to a standstill. Any defiance showed massive lack of wisdom. Fear clouded the world, bravery turned to folly, everyone was at high risk. No division in our humanness. We were all made to understand we are one species, equally vulnerable.

Health care workers, and other essential services had to go on, delve into the contaminated environment and get on with it, no ifs no buts. Someone has got to front the sanctuaries of healing. All our eyes were now on (not so valued before) scientists, now their invaluable job and importance revealed.

I pounded the streets all alone mostly from my house to work back and fourth everyday. All alone very solemn but with no fear, I was only doing my job. I would then get into a locked clinic, with my colleagues, which was very lively with phone calls to patients at home, triaging reassuring and reassuring re-arranging appointments, updating with current situation, playing the bravery role day in day out.

At home it was back to eyes glued on television, what was the update. Mass graves, politicians in denial. Then on Zoom with family and friends, so and so is dead, and another, and another, buried with no crowd to support as is our custom.

Zoom funerals one after another, oh my goodness. No church to get solace from.

Lets be thankful we are here today.

We pay tribute to all who lost their lives and to all heath care workers who died trying their best to help others.

Thank you scientists. I hope the world will soon return to the ‘new normal’ of love, oneness, true global village, where we are all neighbours and sharing.

Thank you technologist, job well done. You saved our social lives at least we were able to talk and see each other’s faces and we still are.

The world is a strange place and no one knows the future, lets accept and shut our mouths, there is someone greater out there. It’s a fact. Hats off to the great invisible one.

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