Promoting better life-long health in our community

The Knowledge and Library service provides local Health Improvement specialists with leaflets, teaching models and evidence reports to promote better healthy lifestyle choices across the lifespan and reduce health inequalities.

The leaflet service has a stock of around 350 health promotion titles on a variety of topics including alcohol, drugs, diet & exercise, sexual health, and mental health. We hold and distribute locally produced leaflets as well as leaflets in other languages. The leaflet catalogue contains a full listing and includes links to electronic versions where available,

Health promotion teaching models


The RSCH Library houses a collection of 60 models, which are used for teaching in a wide range of community settings, including local schools and support groups.

A number of new items have recently been added to the collection, all of which are available for loan to Library members.



The Health Promotion team works closely with the Brighton & Hove Public Health directorate, and local community and voluntary groups to ensure materials are timely and relevant, and the displays in all our libraries reflect national health awareness campaigns.

Leaflet display

Sun Awareness display









More information on the Health Promotion Library can be found on the Library website, where you can see listings of the full collection of leaflets and models, and can access an order form.

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