Health promotion leaflets and resources

Ordering leaflets

We supply leaflets on a range of health and lifestyle improvement topics to anyone working with a health promoting role within Brighton & Hove. This includes (but is not exclusive to) those working in GP practices, pharmacies, children’s centres, hospital wards, community centres, youth centres and schools.

See our Health Promotion leaflet catalogue [pdf] for a full list of leaflets in stock and an order form.

If you prefer to complete an order form electronically, download this version [doc].


Leaflets can usually be delivered to you but larger orders may need to picked up in person.

Borrowing resources

Posters and models are available for library members to borrow. See stock available at:

Leaflets in other languages and formats

The leaflets we stock are produced by external organisations.
If you require a leaflet in a different language or format we will obtain it from the supplier if it is available.
Contact or note it on the order form.

BSUH staff: Contact if you need a document translated. If you need an interpreter for an appointment or in an emergency contact see