Sussex Community Foundation Trust – Digital Innovation Conference

The Library & Knowledge Service hosted a stand at the Sussex Community Foundation Trust’s first Digital Innovation Conference – a packed day of learning from digital experts and clinical leaders.

Andy Hughes (Specialist Librarian for UHSussex/SCFT) was joined by Karen Skinner (Crawley Hospital Library and Knowledge Services) providing insight for learning and support to the Community Trust. The Conference attendees at the Amex were also engaged in sessions on digital health, digital technology, digital nursing, and digital community nursing. Andy and Karen were on hand to provide advice and demonstrate how evidence can enhance attendees’ research processes.

In Andy’s words  – “On April 20th I arrived at the Amex Stadium and the Innovation Space (in the Focus Group Lounge) with a range of Library leaflets and promotional materials to disseminate amongst the 400 conference attendees, the majority of whom are frontline clinicians and their leads. It was overwhelming to see so many ‘digitally enthused’ participants and it was an excellent opportunity for me and Karen to demonstrate how we can help them locate and use resources, as well as help them discover the evidence to further push forward with their community projects, work and initiatives. It was great to receive positive comments from people we already knew and had worked with, and off the back of those comments we were able to connect with non-library users to demonstrate the value of our services. The expansive venue catered well for the 400 delegates and whilst buzzing with activity, we’re pleased to report we spoke to as many people as possible and we were pleased with the appetite for Library services. We certainly left with far fewer materials than when we arrived, and we look forward to working with many of the attendees in the future!”