Our priorities for the future

Last year we asked you to give us your thoughts on what we are doing well and what could be improved. We asked how we help you apply evidence in your decision-making, access patient education materials, use technology in your teaching and of course what you think about our library spaces and information resources.

We had 63 responses from across BSUH, BSMS, Sussex Partnership, Sussex Community and beyond. These were combined with knowledge gained from our ongoing engagement work, with thoughts from within our team and with the BSUH Patient First priorities and national Knowledge for Healthcare goals to form a strategic plan for the next five years.

Our strategy is fully aligned with Patient First and can be read on a single page or looked at in more detail. It will be implemented by the Library and Knowledge Service with oversight from the BSUH Education and Knowledge Board.
















We will also be asked to submit a return to Health Education England (HEE) in June, scoring ourselves against their new Quality Improvement Outcome Framework (QIOF).  HEE believes that:

“Healthcare library and knowledge services are a powerhouse for education, lifelong learning, research and evidence-based practice.”

Their ambition is:

“To extend this role so that healthcare knowledge services become business-critical instruments of informed decision-making and innovation.”

The QIOF will demonstrate how we are doing in relation to this goal and will form part of BSUH’s wider quality assessment by Health Education England.

How can you help? We are always on the lookout for examples of how we have helped to make a difference to your work, study or professional development. If you have any feedback for us, or examples of the impact that we have had, please let us know using our online contact form.