Informing * Educating * Influencing

Every year the Library and Knowledge Service publishes its annual reports showing how we have made a difference to education, research and patient care.

The work we do covers evidence-based decision-making, support for students and trainees, technology-enhanced learning, patient education and knowledge management.

The Library and Knowledge Service team have been welcoming and helpful on every single occasion and provide exceptional support for searches and information. This kind of help improves patient care without often being seen or recognised.”

– Nomination of the Library and Knowledge Service for a BSUH Star Award

Our reports are full of examples from across local healthcare organisations of the impact that our team can have, as well as showing our levels of activity and major developments to our services.

“I believe that our trust’s Library and Knowledge Service and all of its workers are the jewels of our crown.”

– Clinical Fellow, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

For 2018 to 2019 we have produced an overall annual report and a report specific to our work with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and both can be found on our Library and Knowledge Service website.

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