Spotlight on our speedy document supply service

Not available online? Not a problem! Did you know how quickly we can get items for you from other libraries?

Our links with national health, academic and specialist libraries enable us to source a huge range of books, journal articles, research papers and primary research to suit your specific information needs.

We can supply you with material to help with anything from your own professional development to care of a specific patient.

Over two thirds of articles requested are supplied within one working day and most books can be obtained within one week. Request books or journal articles via our website.

We’ve had some great feedback about our service:

“I am emailing to thank all library colleagues for the help received whilst revising my thesis. The revision required over 20 pages in the list of references and some of these were not available on Athens or JSTOR and several colleagues were so prompt in getting these within minutes of requesting them and emailing them.”  Consultant, BSUH

The team have always been welcoming and helpful on every single occasion and provide exceptional support for searches, reference material and information.  They accommodated my long stays in the library and coped with extensive demands for articles and books not available locally.  This kind of help improves patient care without actually being seen or recognised.”

“I would also like to thank everyone at the library for the fantastic access to resources I had for my exam. It was most helpful of you all to order all the books I needed, much appreciated.”               Trainee Doctor, BSUH.

“This is fantastic, thank you all so much for your help with this and especially with the speed of locating and getting the article to me.” Senior Clinical Psychologist SPFT.