Finally home after 109 days in hospital

A patient who received lifesaving treatment for COVID-19 in hospital in Brighton is finally home after 109 days in Intensive Care and is now fundraising for the hospital.

Yim Ying (known as Lin) Bloor was taken to hospital in Surrey by ambulance in March after showing symptoms of coronavirus. After testing positive for COVID-19, Lin was admitted and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit in Brighton where she received lifesaving care during the height of the pandemic.

While in hospital, Lin and her husband Glyn, took part in a short interview via video call with BBC South East health reporter Mark Norman. Glyn talked about what it was like for his wife in ITU during the pandemic and how the family were managing to stay connected during a frightening time.

We caught up with the Bloor family nearly three months later, the day Lin was getting ready to finally come home from hospital.

Glyn said: “It was hard because there was no visiting at the time in Brighton due to coronavirus, we could only see Lin via iPad in hospital and because she had a tracheotomy, we couldn’t really talk either.”

Leanne, who is Lin’s daughter continued: “The nurses were really good and helped us stay in touch. Where mum didn’t have the strength to hold the iPad, they always held it for her and always had time for us. They helped us communicate when mum was at her worst. We’re really grateful for all their efforts and have sent them a box of cakes as a small thank you”.

Glyn added: “One thing that was tricky was that Lin couldn’t speak until the tracheotomy was removed. We had to talk at her and she’d write back, but at first, she didn’t have the strength and dexterity to write so would mouth things to the nurses and they’d listen and tell us what she said.”

Finally, 109 days after being admitted with coronavirus Lin was thrilled to be returning home to her family.

Lin said: “I’m thankful for the care I’ve received and grateful to the nurses who have looked after me but I’m very much looking forward to getting home and back to my family.”

Since returning home, Lin and her family have set up a Justgiving fundraising page to raise money for BSUH Charity.

The Charity team said: “We’re so grateful for Lin’s fundraising and the incredible work of our Brighton ICU team. Her fundraising is testament to their compassion and care, thank you.”

Thanks to the Bloor family for talking to us and we wish Lin all the best with her continued recovery!