BSUH Charity

Registered charity number: 1050864


Fundraising Campaign to create the Ultimate Urgent Care Centre is launched

July 5, 2017The BSUH Charity has launched a campaign to raise much-needed funds to ensure efficiencies and innovations are in place to make it better for patients & staff in the refurbished Urgent Care Centre at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Read post

Franklynn Road Co-Op chooses PRH as Charity of the Year

June 26, 2017The BSUH Charity is thrilled to announce its first 2017 Charity of the Year partnership with the Southern Co-op store on Franklynn Road in Haywards Heath.Read post

Neonatal Baby Transfer Team receives specialised equipment

May 5, 2017Support of TMBU made it possible for the Neonatal Transport Team to purchase an Oxylitre Petite Elite portable low suction pump, critically important equipment used to assist in the safe delivery of newborn babies to other hospitals.Read post