Watch the BBC footage of the County hospital critical care team

Doctors and nurses working in the critical care unit at the County Hospital Brighton gave special access to the BBC South East news team this week to speak about life inside a critical care unit caring for some of the most seriously ill COVID-19 patients.

The team spoke to BBC South East Health Correspondent Mark Norman on Wednesday 13th May about what it has been like for them over the past seven weeks. Mark and his cameraman wore PPE and paid the hospital for the use of this.

The interview was shown on BBC South East Today on 14th May at 6pm and on BBC Breakfast on 15th May with the film available to watch here:

Our thanks to the fantastic team we have in our critical care units who wanted to share their experience and for allowing the BBC access to do this. In particular thanks to Senior Sister Sarah Parker, ITU Consultant Dr James Yassin and Critical Care Matron Lucy Pitt.