We provide extra medical, surgical and nursing care to premature and sick newborn babies. Babies requiring admission to a neonatal unit may require special care, high dependency care or intensive care. Intensive care is needed only by the most premature or sick babies.

Our service is provided from both the Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and the Special Care Baby Unit at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

Both units have all the necessary facilities and staffing to deliver high quality and up-to-date care to newborn babies and supportive care to babies and parents during the stages of recovery.

Babies who require intensive care or surgery will be looked after at TMBU. Babies who do not require intensive care will be looked after on both sites, predominantly on the site they were booked in antenatally.

We are continually involved in local and national research projects. As a result of many parents consenting to their babies’ taking part in such research we have been able to constantly improve our care.

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