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Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust is a charity that provides a wide range of assessment and rehabilitation services to meet the needs of people with acquired brain injury (ABI). It does not matter if the injury was recent or a long time ago, or whether the person has had rehabilitation before. It is part of The Disabilities Trust.We accept referrals from professionals working with individuals who may benefit from our care and rehabilitation services.

You can make a referral in any of the following ways:

  • Use our secure online referrals portal.
  • By phone: 0330 0581 881 (making this call will cost the same as a standard landline). Our friendly Central Referrals Team can help to identify what might be the most appropriate service, or if you know the service you require, please contact them directly for an initial discussion.
  • By email:
  • Write to: Business Development, The Disabilities Trust, 3 Westgate Court, Silkwood Park, Wakefield, WF5 9TJ.

Contact Details


01403 799160


Kerwin Court, Five Oaks Road, Slinfold RH13 0TP

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