Sussex Trauma Recovery & Patient Engagement group

STRIPE is an engagement group for trauma patients, their families and loved ones. It is a safe space to discuss your experiences from your Trauma journey.

It provides peer support as well as an opportunity for you to provide feedback directly to healthcare workers. It gives them the opportunity to discuss projects with you to in order to gain your perspective and advice.

The group also features guest speakers. These can include Trauma psychologists, Pain specialists, Therapists, Charities, other health care professionals and inspirational speakers. They can help provide education, advice and allows you to speak to them directly.

We also now have an accredited Psychotherapist who will join these sessions who will be able to provide additional advice and support.

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If you would like to get involved or get more information, please contact us on:
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The Agenda for STRIPE Group for 2023 can be downloaded from HERE.