Level 1 Rehabilitation

Level 1 or ‘Tertiary specialised’ rehabilitation services are high cost / low volume services, which provide for patients with highly complex rehabilitation needs following illness or injury, that are beyond the scope of their local general and specialist services.

These are normally provided in co-ordinated service networks planned over a regional population of 1-3 million through collaborative (specialised) commissioning arrangements.

Each specialised rehabilitation unit in London has its own particular specialisms such as managing patients requiring complex medical care, tracheostomies, challenging behavioural issues etc.  Please check individual service specifications for more details to ensure that patients are referred to the most appropriate service(s).

Level 1 services may be further divided into:

High Dependency – a complex caseload with mainly high physical dependency
High Risk – a complex caseload of mainly ‘walking wounded’ patients with cognitive / behavioural problems who may be a danger to themselves or others, and/or at risk of wandering / absconding

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