Clinical research requires a significant amount of resources, and so for anything other than small-scale exploratory work you are likely to need to apply for an external source of funding.

When to secure funding

It is essential that funding is secured before submitting applications to review bodies for approvals. If funding is not secured, and the funding body later requires changes to be made to the project, any associated documents would then need to be resubmitted to the review bodies.


Accurate costing is fundamental to the success of your project, as this will ensure that the appropriate funding arrangements are put in place. Details on cost attribution are available at Further information is also provided by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Research Design Service South East.

Potential funders

There are a wide range of bodies, both commercial and non-commercial, that fund health research. The Health Research Authority (HRA) has collated the following non-exhaustive list of potential funders.

Further information