Proud to launch BSUH Digital Pride

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals have taken part in Brighton Pride for many years, and although it doesn’t quite look the same this year, we will be celebrating online with the launch of the BSUH Pride video.

The video showcases a number of LGBTQ+ staff and allies from across the Trust discussing what Pride means to them, the struggles the LGBTQ+ community continue to face across the globe, and how a group of BAME trans and lesbian women sparked a revolution through the Stonewall riots of 1969.

Nick Groves, LGBT+ network convenor said: “This year, Prides around the world feel hugely different because we can’t march, demonstrate and celebrate in the way we normally would. So at BSUH, we’re proud to present our very first digital Pride.”

Chief Executive of BSUH Marianne Griffiths said:

“Thank you to the BSUH LGBTQ+ Network for making BSUH Digital Pride happen, this video celebrates our diverse workforce, recognises the struggles of LGBTQ+ people throughout history and talks about what it means to be proud at work. At BSUH we strive to build an inclusive community where staff can be themselves at work and we hope to build on this further in the year ahead.

I had the privilege to join in on the float at Brighton Pride last year which was a fantastic opportunity to recognise the importance of diversity and to appreciate and celebrate difference. Please join in the virtual celebrations across the city, I certainly will be!”

Please share this video with your friends and networks and if you’re thinking about joining our diverse, inclusive team at BSUH, find out more about vacancies in our hospitals across Sussex: